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Oct 12, 2012 6:00am EDT
administration... the attack on thh u-s consulate in benghazi ttat killed ambassador chris stevens and three others. ryan accused the admmnistration of failing to provide suufcient ecurity innliiya.. and misleading the public about the assault. they sent the un ambassador because oo protest and youtube video. it took the president twooweeks to terrorist attack was a attackbiden's debate styleewas a departure from prrsident demeanor.he interrupted ryan and callld him a liar within the first ten minutes... riggt after ryan saiddobama's pppear weak.coming up next &pwhat biden did during the last night. some are young, some are old... and some are even preggant. he baltimore pregunning festival brings all kinds of runnees to the starting line from each of the 50 states. states. joel d. smith is where everroneewants to be line, with more on ssme of the stories bbhind the 12th annual . eveet. 33 3 3 &pcominn up just minutes from might want to hold off... before ouring that next bowl of cereal. cereaa.the pooulaa brand that's being recalled... &ppecause ii ccntains pecessof morning
Oct 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
coull have prevented steven's death. the public is about to get a lot more access to president obama.the governmenttis launching a mobile app today that will allow people to view the president's public documents and will include xecutive orders, presidential speeches, and approved acts. we've got some good ews for record-high gas pricee in pclifornia... aaen't expected to significantty impact thh cost of food at rocery stores prices would go up n part because of the cost of transporting the items.butt economists predict that gas will stabilize soon enough that it won't be a problem. california's fresno county is the number one agricultural producing county in america. when buuing new cars... most reveals thaa 22-percent of cars and truccs made thii yeer worldwide have hite paint. at, gray and - yearly ranking come from a the - company thaa provides paint to &pg-m, ford anddb-m-w among others. most charity events don't claim toobe "sexy". but today at more than 800 salons acrosssthh countrr, they say "caring is sexyy and you can help by simply taki
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2